Why You Need Construction Project Management for Your Build – The 3 C’s

Construction Project Management in Central Alberta

By basic definition, construction project management (CPM or CPMA) includes the overall planning, coordination, and supervisory (over labour and subcontractors) control of a build from start to finish. The methodology intends to produce a functionally and financially viable project that meets a client’s explicit needs within a set timeline.

CPM companies exist for the key sectors in construction – residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal. For the sake of Central Alberta interests invested in building in the province, this article applies to the latter three. You can learn more about construction project management in general here, or read further ahead to find out why you need a local CPM firm for your next Central Alberta build.

The 3 C’s of Why You Should Bring on a Construction Project Management Company for Your Central Alberta Build

1. Cohesion

Managing a construction project with a potluck collection of administrators, consultants, and subcontractors to contend with is migraine inducing. The recent “boom town” era of Central Alberta has left quite a number of individual contractors, all of them vying for your dollar, many of them with competing interests. Attempting to put together a completely cohesive team under this circumstance is more often fruitless than not. When you bring on a full-service CPM company you gain access to all roles, under the same umbrella, needed for your build. For example, Apple Building Systems’ CPM team includes an office administrator, an engineer, a constructiondesign consultant, an area superintendent, a professional estimator, a document controller, and a site manager.

2. Commitment

A comprehensive construction project management firm takes on complete responsibility for your building project. It is common for them to offer full general contracting services which can include everything from document assessment and permit assistance to site surveying and engineering. The best of the best will also be equipped for design-build, a building system that allows you to enter into an agreement with one single contractor to manage, maintain, and most importantly take on 100% responsibility of the design and construction of your project. When you secure the service of this sort of CPM you are provided confidence that they will be fully committed to the successful completion of your build. On the contrary, when working with a hodge podge concoction of subcontractors from differing places the commitment to your project is diluted. You do yourself a service by bringing on a reputable construction project management team.

3. Consciousness 

There are many contractors out there that know how to collectively get the literal job done. However, you know that in today’s day and age there is a lot more than goes into the broth of what makes a build truly successful. Modern construction project management has added one key ingredient to meet the demands of public and political stakeholders alike – consciousness. This consciousness applies to both labour management and the environment. For starters, a reputable CPM company will follow “best practices” as dictated by municipal, provincial and federal law, ensuring that all individuals with a hand on your project are vetted, and treated fairly. A professional labour force working together with great morale is a productive one. Then there’s the hot topic in the construction industry – environmental consciousness. Whether your goal is to achieve LEED accreditation or to simply abide by environmental mandates as they apply to utilities and site waste management a professional CPM is experienced and equipped to get you there. The most conscious decision you can make when getting started on your build is to bring in a local construction project management firm.

Now that you’ve made sense of the three C’s of why you need a CPM for your Central Alberta build you can take the next logical step and contact Apple Building Systems at your earliest convenience.




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