Commercial Metal Cladding

As Central Alberta’s leader in commercial metal roof repair our cladding installation services offer superior protection for your entire business property exterior, and interior. Why steel cladding?

In addition to delivering unparalleled structural protection and insulation, metal cladding can actually enhance the aesthetics of a commercial building thanks to the application of a wide variety of types and finishes. And unlike most other forms of commercial exterior siding, metal cladding can also be used for roofing, tying together your entire building exterior.

Why You Need Metal Cladding

Outdated Building Codes Ignore Energy Efficiency

Older commercial buildings in Alberta were constructed under antiquated building codes. These codes ignored energy efficient construction, equating a thermal resistance R-value as low as R12. Do you realize what that is costing you in utility expenditure on a monthly basis? Aside from the direct need to conform to up-to-date building codes, Apple Building Systems metal cladding installation will provide insulation that drives up your R-value while driving down your monthly utility spend. That’s an ROI realized sooner than with most other forms of affordable cladding.

Provide Protection from Harsh Weather

Windstorms, hail, sleet, harsh rains, and forest/brush fires continue to batter commercial buildings in Alberta. High-quality metal cladding, when properly installed, will help abate these threats. Traditional siding simply doesn’t make sense anymore when you have a strong, sturdy, and fire resistant steel alternative.

Modernize Building Aesthetics

The demand for modernized commercial properties is on the rise in Central Alberta. This modernization extends beyond building codes and energy efficiency, as businesses seek to keep up with exterior design trends to remain competitive both in the public and labour market eye. The meteoric rise of the tech sector in Red Deer and the rest of Alberta is in-part to credit for this, as commercial office space is being updated and constructed to accommodate the digital wave. But even retail and leisure properties are taking note, hoping to draw in consumers with an updated aesthetic. This call for visual enhancement falls in line with steel cladding, which creates a surface look that is sleek and modern. Apple Building Systems’ metal cladding can be finished to match your preferred style without the expense common to traditional commercial siding.

Types of Metal Cladding Apple Building Systems Can Install

– Screw Down Metal Sheets

– Standing Seam Roof Systems

– Coloured

– Galvanized

– Galvalume

– Zincalume

Questions about materials appropriate to your property? Contact us for guidance.

What Apple Building Systems Metal Cladding Installation Will Deliver

– Top-grade cladding materials w/extended warranty

– Industry leading insulation and waterproofing

– Superior protection from wind, harsh rain, hail, and snow

– Enhanced fire resistance and protection

– Extended cladding system life, reducing need for future repair and replacement

Affordable metal cladding product options

– Custom aesthetics to match your commercial building design and brand image

– Reliable and ongoing support from fully certified metal cladding contractors

– Eco-friendly building options such as building within organization guidelines such as LEED, Green Globes, or the Net Zero initiative.

– Minimal to no disruption to ongoing operations

– Reduced energy expenditure with lower monthly utility bills (metal cladding pays for itself!)

Meet current commercial building codes, save money on utilities, protect your property, and modernize the look for today. Contact our Sylvan Lake / Red Deer area office or call 403-887-2291 anytime.