Commercial Metal Roof Repair

As Central Alberta’s leader in pre-engineered steel building construction and sales it makes good sense that Apple Building Systems is sought after for commercial metal roof repair and restoration. But first, you need to recognize when it’s time to consider this step.

Why You Need Repair or Full Restoration

Has age taken its toll on your building, with notable wear and tear on your roof? Have the wind storms common to Sylvan Lake, Red Deer, and surrounding area impacted the integrity of your roofing system? Then you most certainly need to attend to matters before further damage occurs and you risk endangering your property, products, materials, equipment, and staff.

Even if there is no visible impediment to your building’s roof, you will want to have it inspected at least twice per year. Daily exposure to extreme weather, UV rays, rain, and upkeep work around the property (i.e. air conditioner repair, vent cleaning, etc.) can add to metal roofing system wear and tear over its life cycle.

It should also be noted that that older buildings in the Red Deer and Sylvan Lake area were built to building codes that did not demand energy efficiency. Some of these buildings (yours?) may have an R value as low as R12! Retrofits will meet the new Alberta energy code, resulting in energy efficiency increases that may be two or three times greater than currently exhibited.

Beyond (but connected to) concerns to your physical shop, products, materials, equipment and staff is commercial liability. By not performing due diligence as it applies to roof maintenance, you run the risk of liability claims, should any instance regarding your roof directly or indirectly cause harm to the public or neighboring businesses. The cost of precautionary roof repair/restoration will likely pale in comparison to that of legal expenses in claims court alone. Hedge your risk against inflated claims and insurance premiums by having your commercial roofing system inspected by a professional today.

Lastly, you should have your roofing system upgraded for preventative measures alone. Why wait for problems to rear their head? By retrofitting your roof today, you gain a cost-effective solution that delivers highly reflective membrane options with improved insulation and energy efficiency and will extend the life of an existing roof for decades to come, when done by the right professional.

What Apple Building Systems Roof Repair and Restoration Will Deliver

– Top-grade roofing materials w/extended warrantee

– Industry leading insulation and waterproofing

– Superior protection from wind, harsh rain, hail, and snow

– Enhanced fire resistance and protection

– Extended roofing system life, reducing need for future repair and replacement- 

– Affordable metal roofing product options

– Custom aesthetics to match your commercial building design and brand image

– Reliable and ongoing support from fully certified metal roofing contractors

Eco-friendly roofing alternative

– Minimal to no disruption to ongoing operations (for retrofitting)

– Reduced energy expenditure with lower monthly utility bills (metal roofing pays for itself!)

Why wait to attend to the crown of your commercial establishment? Contact our Sylvan Lake / Red Deer area office or call 403-887-2291 today.