Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Alberta

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PESB), or Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB), are the construct of choice for many commercial, industrial, and municipal interests that are looking for a modern, efficient, and scalable design for their property development. Apple Building Systems Inc is a leader in PESB sales in Central Alberta, providing clients with an unmatched solution for their building needs.

Benefits of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings in Alberta

1. Cost Effective – Pre-engineered steel buildings are often significantly more cost effective than traditional builds when comparing the same size of a development. Not only are initial construction costs kept at a minimum, ongoing operating expenses are minimized as well. Exterior wall partitions, lining, and the ceiling are well insulated to account for the cold Central Alberta seasons, ultimately reducing monthly utility expenditures in the long run. Ongoing building maintenance (and thus expense) is also kept at a minimum, as the steel construct is strong, watertight, and prepared for anything that the exterior climate and day to day operations can throw its way.

2. Time Efficient – Construction time is significantly reduced with ready-to-assemble PESBs. This is a big selling point for many interests, especially commercial properties which have very strict completion deadlines that must meet marketed grand-openings.

3. Minimal Waste – Pre-engineered building materials equal less waste across the board. Companies and municipal bodies with environmental mandates in place prefer PESBs. Construction sites are kept safe, clean, and free of unnecessary debris, creating a more aesthetically pleasing site that moves swiftly towards completion.

4. Accommodating to Growth – Organizations may anticipate significant growth in the future yet realize it is not practical to build beyond existing needs and/or means. Scalable PESBs are a perfect solution for this scenario, allowing you to build for now, while remaining flexible enough to add on to your property in the future without having to move from your existing Central Alberta location.

5. Aesthetics – Pre-engineered steel buildings are built for modern times and look the part. Commercial interests flock to PESBs as a construction solution, especially when developing a complex to accommodate the landscape and architectural persona of an entire community.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are the choice of numerous Alberta industries, including everything from agricultural and oil and gas developments to community centers and retail centres. The possibilities are endless with this efficient construction solution.

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