Commercial Building Repair/Renovation Contractor

Apple Building Systems is Central Alberta’s leader in commercial construction, serving not just Sylvan Lake and Red Deer, but numerous other towns in the region. While we may be best known for our ground-up projects we are also experts in building repair and renovation. In fact, the latter is now just as important to our own operations.

There has been a major increase in requests for commercial property makeovers in Central Alberta over the past two years, with the pattern expected to continue into the next few. Is it time for your business to consider the same?

Why You Need Renovation, Retrofitting, Remodeling, or Repair

You Have Sustained Damage

Too obvious? Fair enough. If the damage is big enough, you are already looking for a contractor to fix the problem. Provide us with the details and we will schedule an appointment to access the work needed and provide a follow-up estimate.

However, far too often commercial properties sustain less obvious damage from harsh weather or manmade interference and yet neglect to take immediate action. Putting off repairs of this nature is not a good idea. A small problem can become a bigger one within weeks and any early disregard can lead to exponentially greater expense and create liability issues.

Outdated Building Codes

Older commercial buildings in the province were constructed under outdated building codes, ignoring energy efficiency. To date, these buildings have been left with a thermal resistance R-value as low as R12. If you count yourself amoung them, the resulting cost in monthly utility expenditure is directly impacting your bottom line. Apple Building Systems will assess the R-value of your building so that you know where you stand and what will be required to bring your property up to code while reducing your monthly energy expenditure. The renovation may pay for itself within months of retrofitting and new cladding and/or roofing installation.

Preventative Measures

Central Alberta businesses are susceptible to the impact of the local climate and all that it can bring. This includes windstorms, harsh rains, and forest/brush fires. In the same way our neighbors out west must receive seismic retrofitting (earthquake proofing) your building must be updated to receive the brunt of all that can befall it, tornados included.

For instance, high-quality metal cladding and roofing provide a strong, sturdy, and fire retardant option that will better protect your building from such threats. Traditional building materials cannot prepare you for what may come.

Expansion Accounting for Economics

While commercial starts are entering a period of sustainability, many enterprises remember the economic challenges of the past two years. Because of this, many are looking to expand operations without undertaking an entirely new build. This risk-averse approach can be accomplished with a well-planned renovation. This can be a far more affordable yet no less impactful means to attract new business for B2B and B2C commercial enterprises alike.

Attract Customers/Clients

Current and prospective customers/clients expect your business to update its product and service offering, but they also expect the same of your physical property. It tells them you’re relevant. Of course, your building may also require a makeover because it belongs to a commercial complex or district in the middle of gentrification. Whichever the case, a renovation is an essential practice that delivers what is expected of you as an enterprise with brick and mortar operations in Red Deer, Sylvan Lake and the surrounding commercial zones of Central Alberta. Apple Building Systems will accomplish what you need, without disruption to ongoing operations.

Apple Building Systems Repair and Renovation Services

– R-Value / Energy Efficiency Assessment

Commercial Metal Roof Repair

Commercial Metal Cladding Installation

Commercial Building Repair and Renovation for the Following Industries

– Retail

– Office

– Hospitality

– Restaurant

– Financial

– Miscellaneous (contact us below)

Meet current commercial building codes, increase energy efficiency, repair damage, protect your property, and attract new customers/clients today. Contact our Sylvan Lake / Red Deer area office or call 403-887-2291 anytime.