Why to Consider Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings When Building in Central Alberta

Pre-engineered metal buildings Alberta

Pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) continue to be a popular choice for businesses expanding within or setting up in the Central Alberta area. What exactly is a pre-engineered metal building? Traditionally, a PEMB (also known as a pre-engineered steel building) is one that is expertly fabricated using an assemblage of durable I-beams that are bolted together to form an entire frame, resulting in a build that is suitable for a wide variety of design and functional requirements. While framing varies in more modern construction, the process and end-result is the same – one of the most efficient and accommodating structures around. Read further to find out why PEMBs may be the perfect choice for your build in Central Alberta.

5 Reasons to Choose a Pre-Engineered Metal Building for Your Central Alberta Build

1. Speed

If time is of essence for your build (isn’t it always?) then the first box has already been checked in favour of a PEMB. Because the beams and accompanying materials are ready-to-assemble and a defined process (via a Central Alberta PEMB seller/contractor) is already in place the building will be ready by your completion date soon after your location has been secured and contract has been signed.

2. Construction Waste Management

Steel construction, fewer materials and a streamlined plan equal far less environmental waste than found with most traditional construction practices. One look at the construction site of a PEMB in process evidences why this method is popular with waste-conscious and LEED certification seeking organizations alike. If you’re concerned about accruing points to LEED accreditation in Alberta then your scales may once again tip in the favour of pre-engineered metal buildings.

3. Allows for Scalable Growth

Does your commercial or industrial business anticipate growth in the near or longterm future? PEMBs are as scalable as your plan to grow your business and brand. The systematic nature of which these buildings are constructed allows for building frame extensions to run as far as the landscape/property allows. If you’re thinking big when it comes to your Central Alberta presence and you have the land to expand then PEMBs make sense for you.

4. Architectural Integrity

For starters, the nature of a PEMB makes it as structurally sound as nearly anything you’ll find. A longstanding pre-engineered metal building seller/contractor will have years of professional experience and quality assurance mandates in place. This ensures that everything from bolt to beam and beyond can withstand internal day to day manufacturing/operations and the external forces common to Central Alberta’s climate. Structure isn’t the only consideration in this architectural integrity, as modern-built PEMBs also pay close attention to aesthetics, which is essential for commercial enterprises interested in the pre-engineered metal building concept.

5. Cost Effective and Efficient

There’s no price to pay for receiving the benefits detailed above. Pre-engineered steel buildings are heralded for their efficiency and the cost savings that comes from it. There is nary another construction method that can deliver the same size, structural integrity, scalability, and speed of completion in the same manner provided by a PEMB. The climate protection, strong construction and security also provided reduces ongoing utilities and maintenance fees. A pre-engineered metal building is cost effective in the short and long term.

Do you have any further questions about this construction method as it applies to your prospective construction project in the Central Alberta area? Contact Apple Building Systems at 403-340-6777 or email us anytime to learn more.

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