Why Sylvan Lake Industrial Builds Make Sense for Red Deer Businesses

Why Red Deer Businesses Should Seek Industrial Property in Sylvan Lake Alberta

The industrial sector in Central Alberta continues to grow. Red Deer businesses and organizations invested in this economic category are constantly on the look out for the best place to build, or to occupy an existing industrial park that suits their needs. While these localized businesses start their search within Red Deer, many are realizing that their best opportunity is found in the next door neighboring town of Sylvan Lake Alberta. Why is this? Let’s find out.

5 Reasons Why Red Deer Area Businesses/Organizations Prefer Industrial Builds in Sylvan Lake

1. Location – Close But Not Too Close

Businesses and organizations need access to industrial builds for a wide variety of reasons. A local retailer may need offsite manufacturing operations, for example. Whatever the case may be businesses often look for industrial sites located nearby, but not in the exact same location as their head office or retail operations in order to reduce visibility. At the same time, they don’t want to have to travel too far from operations when a visit to the industrial site is required. In addition, manufactured items need to be delivered swiftly without taking on extensive cost in transport. For Red Deer and the surrounding area, all of this is accomplished by securing industrial space in Sylvan Lake, only a 25 minute commute to Red Deer.

2. Cost Efficient with Estimates You Can Trust

Traditional industrial hubs can come with added expense (both in the initial build and monthly expenditure) given that demand for property is higher than within outlying sectors. Because of this, savvy Red Deer businesses look to expand their industrial operations outside of the direct zone to keep inflated costs at bay. Outside contractors are more willing to offer cost efficient alternatives and are often more accommodating when it comes to sticking to building estimates. Nowhere is this more true than in Sylvan Lake, a community that truly values your commitment to build and/or maintain your industrial business presence within.

3. Accommodating Town, Chamber, and Municipality

The Town of Sylvan Lake and Chamber of Commerce is renowned for welcoming outside business and organizational interests into its fold. The Sylvan Lake industrial development permit process is clear cut and devoid of red tape. Whether you require a Change in Use Development Permit, a Building Permit, or Business License the Town of Sylvan Lake has made it all transparent to your benefit. The Sylvan Lake Chamber of Commerce is just as accommodating, providing existing and new members with access to information and tools to make their industrial business and operations a success. In addition to the above, when securing a local contractor (for new builds) you gain a liaison to the ins-and-outs of setting up industrial shop in Sylvan Lake.

4. Immediate Access to an Existing (Premium) Industrial Park

Your business or organization may not be looking to build from scratch when establishing industrial operations in Sylvan Lake. Luckily, you could not have picked a better time to make the transition. A new industrial park (light and heavy in addition to commercial) has emerged in Sylvan Lake. The Norell Business Park is now ready to accept your queries regarding industrial operations.

5. The Intangibles

You’ll have to allow us a moment to rave about Sylvan Lake in a general sense when heralding the town as the best place for your industrial build. Are we bias? We think that anyone that has established their business in town becomes so soon after they’ve arrived. Simply put, Sylvan Lake is an amazing place to operate. Whether you are looking to add to your labour pool, secure equipment and materials, manage your corporate finances, and yes – find a local contractor to build your next property, it can all be done within town limits, to great success. Of course it doesn’t stop there. No matter how ensconced you are in business and operations the town will allow you to take a moment and breathe, enjoying the sites, sounds, eateries, residents, and amenities. Sylvan Lake may be becoming a city of industry, but it will always be one of community first.

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