Why Commercial Development in Red Deer & Sylvan Lake Makes Sense for Your Business

Why Commercial Development in Red Deer Makes Sense for Your Business

Are you on the cusp of making a decision on where to build your next commercial development in Alberta? If so, chances are that you have considered the Central Alberta area for your large scale retail and/or consumer based enterprise. The next question, is in regards to where exactly you intend on setting up shop. The Red Deer and Sylvan Lake area is certainly on your radar, but there are so many things to consider before breaking ground. Below, we detail 5 key things that make our home a prime location for your next commercial property development.

5 Reasons Why it’s a Good Idea to Build Your Commercial Property in Red Deer / Sylvan Lake Alberta

1. Location, Location, Location

The repeated words above are the key to the success of any commercial development. When it comes to our province, Red Deer and Sylvan Lake are it. Located at the near exact mid-point between the bustling metropolises of Edmonton (north) and Calgary (south) you (and your customers and suppliers) are no further than an hour and a half drive in either direction. This is perfect for destination-point enterprises that seek the financial benefits of managing a property outside of a commercial hub while remaining accessible to large scale markets. Look for commercial development to boom in the bounce-back years ahead, and get in on the new ground floor now.

2. Enduring Economic Capital of Canada

There is no need to sugarcoat the economic challenges that faced Central Alberta in late months of 2014 into the year of 2015. The energy sector had its challenges. However, there is a reason that the region has long been dubbed the economic capital of Canada. The young skilled/productive workforce, low operating costs, attractive tax regime, superior infrastructure, abundance of natural resources, and strong background portfolio in private sector investment all speak to our return to a prominent economic giant in the near future, commercial interests included.

3. Strong Consumer Base to Support Your Business

Sylvan Lake has a highly qualified consumer population nearing 15,000 residents. Red Deer has tipped well past the 100,000 resident scale, becoming the third most populous city in Alberta, and is on track to reach 175,000 residents over the next 25 years. Average income is higher here than in most Canadian cities and disposable income indicators indicate that households are ready to spend.

Commercial Development in Red Deer

While both are great places to live, residents don’t have as many options to spend their disposable income as with their bigger city counterparts. This is great news for your commercial enterprise. Essentially, if you build it, they will come.

4. Municipal Support for New Commercial Developments

Commercial Development Sylvan Lake

The Town of Sylvan Lake and The City of Red Deer have two of the most supportive forms of infrastructure in place when it comes to commercial development. The process for securing the necessary building permits for commercial projects is relatively seamless if your affairs are in order. For starters, view Sylvan Lake’s Development Permit Information here and Red Deer’s Commercial Pre-Screening Building Application Form here. When you work with a trusted local builder (more on this below) you will receive guidance on development application requirements (detailed here) and the application itself. The support system for commercial building in Red Deer and Sylvan Lake is practically unmatched.

5. Local Builders That Care About Your Development

When you build your commercial business in Central Alberta you become a part of the community, one that is quick to support new enterprises that contribute to the local economy. This includes the services instrumental in your commercial building project. By securing a full-service builder that is experienced in Red Deer / Sylvan Lake commercial development you not only benefit from general contracting expertise, you gain access to their local subcontractor connections and ability to work with local governing bodies. A reputable contractor with glowing references is the final piece of the puzzle and the key to your successful commercial build.

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