Industrial Construction Trends in Alberta for 2016

Industrial Construction Trends Alberta

We started the month off with an article detailing trends in commercial construction. As we conclude the first month of the new year we thought we’d switch focus to industrial builds in Alberta, while remaining focused on the client (your) perspective. Read further to find out which of the following trends may impact your prospective industrial build in 2016.

Trends to Watch for that Can Impact Your Industrial Build in Alberta

1. Increase in Skilled Labour at a Reduced Cost

Alberta’s economic challenges of 2015 significantly impacted the construction labour force. As an industry, it experienced the second largest drop in employment for both skilled and less-specialized labour alike. Economic law thus dictates a skilled labour surplus at a reduced expenditure for industrial builds in 2016. Simply put, labour availability and cost is far more favourable than when building during booming economic periods. With the economy bouncing back at a balanced pace the time for your industrial enterprise to strike (build) is now.

2. Industrial Interests Moving Towards Less Densified Communities

With the major metropolises of Alberta becoming more densified (via residential and commercial construction) industrial businesses are looking “outside of the box” when considering their next build. In the year/s ahead, the industry is moving away from Calgary and Edmonton and setting up shop within (or building) industrial parks in the likes of Red Deer and Sylvan Lake. The recent development of the impressive Norell Business Park in Sylvan Lake is a perfect example. The packaging of cost, convenience, and logistics simply make more sense. Escaping the densification of urban centres will be one of the more defining trends of 2016.

3. Off-Site Prefabrication of Building Materials

With industrial businesses looking to minimize material and labour costs, reduce construction site waste, and complete their build in as short a time as possible (without sacrificing an iota of quality) they are demanding a method that encompasses all of the above. This is where pre-engineered steel building (PESB) comes in. PESB as a construction concept continues to grow in popularity in 2016, especially when it comes to industrial building. Structural steel frames are prefabricated off-site and delivered to the construction site as needed, resulting in a quicker turnaround time. In addition, pre-engineered steel buildings are a more sustainable alternative and will help you qualify for LEED credits (more on this green building component below). Learn more about the benefits of this highly demanded building concept.

4. Green Building More Prominent in the Industrial Sector

Commercial businesses have had little choice when it comes to going green when building over the past five years. Consumers have demanded it and they have responded in kind. Industrial enterprises have been a little slower to adopt this mantra, but as we enter 2016 green-building is now considered more commonplace and a great PR move for any industrial company. As you know, a strong LEED rating is essential to earning this credibility. Find out how your industrial business can achieve LEED certification in Alberta.

Taking advantage of and/or adhering to any of the above trends requires a helping hand, in particular from an industrial builder with a wealth of experience in the local market. Take the first step towards the successful completion of your industrial construction project by contacting Apple Building Systems Inc.

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