Brand Exposure and Your Commercial Build in Central Alberta

Brand Exposure During Construction

Having been in the industry for quite some time, we have worked closely with commercial enterprises in the Central Alberta area. Throughout the construction process, we not only dedicate all of our resources towards a successful build for clients, we become deeply invested in their business. We’re not content to simply complete your build on great terms, we want to see you successfully integrate into the community. Thus, we thought we’d use our blog to provide you with a unique take on the commercial construction process, beyond the brick and mortar.

One of the biggest challenges faced by your commercial brand when entering the Central Alberta market will be managing your brand reputation during the construction process. The construction site itself becomes a hot topic within the surrounding community. Everything from site conditions to timeline towards completion will be picked apart by your prospective customers. As a local builder, we have provided some insight to add to your existing strategy to manage your brand exposure during your commercial build.

5 Keys to Managing Brand Reputation During the Commercial Construction Process

1. Construction Site Signs to Keep Customers Informed (and Excited)

While it is common practice for commercial businesses to put up signs and billboards on the public-facing sides of their construction sites, more attention can be paid to the message. The biggest mistake that can frustrate residents anticipating the opening of your business is to quote a completion date (on your sign/billboard) and not have the building ready for the stated opening. It is not that uncommon to walk by an uncompleted site and see “Opening in the Summer 2015” when it’s already the winter of 2016.  Ensure that you quote a realistic and forgiving completion date. That way your future customers won’t be left frustrated with what they may deem to be a false promise. In addition, focus attention to get customers excited. Provide a visual rendition (on the sign) of what the completed build will look like, along with a marketing message to build anticipation. Your construction site will soon become your customer point of purchase – treat it accordingly.

2. Connect to Customers Online During the Construction Process

Build customer anticipation surrounding your build online as well. On the sign fronting your construction site encourage passer-byers to visit your website and social networks, displaying the respective website address and social profile names. On your website and social networks keep them up to date on your progress. Consider “under construction” offers that will give them grand-opening discounts in exchange for their email address and for connecting to your social networks. By doing so you will establish a legion of loyal local customers before your doors have opened for business.

3. Minimize Construction Risk 

Construction risk applies to liability (labour, safety, etc.), environmental issues, and cost overruns among other concerns. Legal liability matters and anything impacting the Central Alberta environment can lead to negative press for your commercial business during your build. This can certainly hurt your brand reputation. Minimize this risk by working with a general contractor that is known for abiding by construction risk management principles.

4. Pay Close Attention to Site Conditions and Cleanliness

Residents and visitors will be passing by your construction site on a daily basis. Make sure that it’s well maintained. There should be no garbage or materials laying about during off-hours, no visible safety concerns, and nothing that could cause anyone in the vicinity to pause. In addition, site labour should conduct themselves in a professional manner – while they build your commercial property they indirectly represent your brand in the eyes of the consumer.

5. Choose a Reputable Local Commercial Contractor

Adherence to a publicly stated opening timeline, construction risk management, and optimal site conditions are all within your reach when you find a commercial contractor that cares about your brand reputation. View this article on how to choose a commercial general contractor in Central Alberta and/or simply contact Apple Building Systems to learn more.

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