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  • Municipal Public Works Building 6000 sq.ft.

  • Laying Barn- New Construction 12,000+ sq. ft.

  • Office Complex – New Construction 9,000 sq. ft.

  • Oilfield Service Building / Completely Renovated – 13,000 sq. ft.

  • Lease Building – 5,000 sq.ft.

  • Second Story Addition & Major Renovation – 16,000 sq. ft.

One of the Top Commercial Construction Problems You Need to Know About

Commercial Construction Concerns

We’re not talking about economics here. In fact, at the midpoint of 2017 the economic forecast for Alberta commercial construction is not only looking positive, it is deemed to be darn right sustainable given the new diversity of it.

So what’s the problem? While nothing new, there are a set of concerns that commercial businesses need to be aware of in order to take preventative action. These can apply to up and coming builds and long standing ones alike. Let’s take a look at these potential issues, and how you can take the necessary action to ensure your enterprise remains open for business through the year, year after year.

How Commercial Businesses Need to Prepare for Weather When it Comes to the Construction of their Alberta Brick & Mortar


Why Eckville May Be Another Alberta Town to Consider Commercial Construction In

Eckville Commercial Builders

The rise of commercial construction starts in Alberta appears to be sustainable one. The commercial (and complementary industrial) industry forecasts for the year ahead are positive according to economists. So here you are, a commercial enterprise in Sylvan Lake and/or Red Deer (models of success), looking at future expansion. It’s a nice position to be in given the recent past of the province, but here we all are on the cusp of our economic return and your concern now, is where to begin.

As we run down our list of other Central Alberta towns to build your business in, we have reached the quaint incorporated town of 1,125 residents, Eckville Alberta. Let’s find out why you may want to put a pin in this town as you expand your commercial business on the map of Central Alberta.

3 Reasons Why Eckville Alberta is Worth Consideration for Your Central Alberta Commercial Business Expansion


Why the Rise in Central Alberta Commercial Real Estate Construction is a Sustainable One

Commercial Construction Alberta

It’s been an interesting couple of years for the Central Alberta economy. However, resilience has paid off, as the cities and towns within have scraped, scrapped, and pulled through. 2017 is in full swing and this spring season marks further growth with reports showing that we’re headed in the right direction. These accounts detail economist optimism, citing a rise in commercial permits, fueled in part by renewed interest in the energy sector. But what makes the forecast even more favourable, is the anticipated sustainability of this return to form. When we state sustainability, we’re not referring to eco-consciousness (although that is true too), we’re referencing an economic model that is endurable and less dependent upon a singular industry, a fault of the past Central Alberta economy.

What is to credit for this new and sustainable economic model? Let’s look into it.

Three Sectors that Will Drive the Sustainable Success of Commercial Business in Central Alberta


Central Alberta Construction News Updates – Commercial and Industrial Forecasts February 2017

Alberta Construction News Updates

We’re two months into the new year and it’s been an interesting one already. Talk about pipelines, politics, and building permits are abound. Commercial and industrial enterprises are trying to make sense of it all. While news can always be taken with a grain of salt, there are some indicators being reported around the province that provide some positive insight into what will lay ahead for the commercial and industrial sectors, with our central hub (Sylvan Lake, Red Deer, etc.) taking notice. Are you thinking about building in the year ahead? The following items show that your prospects may be looking up.

3 Alberta News Updates that Show Promise for Commercial and Industrial Construction in 2017 (and Beyond)


A Commercial Contractor’s Perspective on Rimbey Alberta – Why to Build in Rimbey AB

Apple Building Systems knows that no apple falls far from the tree when it comes to the towns of Central Alberta. Red Deer and Sylvan Lake connect them all, and as the region’s commercial builder, we have deep insight into each and every town in the fold.

Our recent article featuring other lucrative towns for commercial expansion (assuming you’ve already set up shop in Sylvan Lake / Red Deer first) included Rimbey. Today, we zone in on this Blindman River valley town for those who envision commercial expansion within.

3 Reasons Your Commercial Business May Want to Expand to Rimbey Alberta


4 New Year Resolutions to Apply to Your Next Central Alberta Build

New Year Construction Alberta

A new annum is upon us and indicators show that Alberta is looking at a brighter one. As a commercial, industrial, or municipal interest planning your construction project for 2017 (and beyond) you have a lot to consider. Whatever your project (or projects) may be, you are looking at ways to do things better. In the spirit of the season, Apple Building Systems has provided a playful but no less true look at how you can apply common New Year resolutions to your next build.

How You Can Make Your Construction Project Better by Following Some Common New Year Resolutions


Alberta Construction News Updates – Year End 2016

Alberta Construction News Updates - Year End 2016

With one full month left of a challenging year in Alberta, industries are looking at current news to predict what’s to come for 2017. As a builder, we’re connected to it all. We’re here to support the commercial, industrial, and municipal sectors of our great province. When one feels the brunt of the economy, we sympathize. Our success is tied to yours. With construction being a key facilitator of new business endeavors, we keep our eyes and ears close to industry updates. Today, we’re here to share some of the stories that may very well indicate good things to come. Keep reading.

What’s New in Construction News and How it May be Good for Your Business in 2017


Considering Commercial Construction in Olds Alberta? What You Need to Know

Olds Alberta Commercial Construction

The town of Olds Alberta was recently featured in an article titled “4 More Central Alberta Towns to Build Your Commercial Business In“. What makes this town a viable option for Sylvan Lake or Red Deer businesses looking to expand beyond their borders? Let’s find out.

4 Things That Make Olds AB a Great Location to Expand Your Commercial Business In


4 More Central Alberta Towns to Build Your Commercial Business In

Central Alberta Construction Map

Six months ago we featured 5 other towns (aside from the primary hubs of Sylvan Lake and Red Deer) within Central Alberta to consider for your up and coming commercial development. But anyone who has visited this neck of the province knows that it doesn’t stop there. There are dozens of bustling historic and emerging districts alike, waiting to welcome your small, medium, or large business into their respective folds.

As a local commercial (and industrial/municipal) builder to all Central Alberta communities, we are extending exposure to include a few more not-so-hidden gems that you may want to consider. If you are looking to expand/franchise your business after seeing success in Sylvan Lake (and Red Deer) you will most certainly want to read ahead.

Four More Towns in Central Alberta to Consider for Your Commercial Construction Project


Why Now is the Perfect Time to Build in Central Alberta

Best Time to Build in Central Alberta

Let’s start by leaving the sugar-coating out of the recipe. Recent news has Alberta housing starts and investment at a four-year low. Single family home construction in the province has fallen to its lowest level since 2009. Office tower construction projects in Calgary have come to a halt.

This has nothing to do with you and today’s discussion.

You’re a commercial or industrial enterprise, and your considering building in Central Alberta, in spite of what’s trending in the news. You know something that the rest don’t, and we’re here to validate your inclinations.

5 Reasons Why Commercial and Industrial Businesses Are Wise to Build in Present-Day Central Alberta


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