4 New Year Resolutions for Your Commercial Build in Central Alberta

Commercial Construction Pledges for Central Alberta in 2016

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is coming to a close. With the new year arriving in a matter of hours (depending upon when you find this article) many businesses are planning for an exciting year ahead. If you manage a commercial enterprise, the prospect of expansion may be on your near horizon. If you find yourself pondering the Central Alberta market, you’ve come to the right place. However, regardless your landing in the land of opportunity you will want to ensure that you’ve taken the right steps before breaking ground. What better occasion for applying the concept of new year resolutions than towards your up and coming build?

4 Pledges to Apply to Your Commercial Construction Build in 2016

1. Pledge to Build for Your Customers

You may have a grand idea in mind for your commercial building, but is it what your customers want? When developing the physical design of your project ensure that you’ve done your research to consider what the Central Alberta consumer base requires. Everything from layout, floor plan functionality, exterior and interior design must be factored into the consumer demand equation. Area residents (your future customers) in this neck of the woods are a lucrative yet fickle bunch, and demand to be catered to, deservedly so. This resolution especially applies to business interests entering the Central Alberta market for the first time. Take a look at existing successful enterprises (related to yours) in the region, is there a consistent theme when it comes to architecture and construction? Talk to local builders (more on this vetting process below) and gauge what does and doesn’t work. This first step is absolutely essential to the success of your 2016 build.

2. Pledge to Build for the Community

Integrating into your chosen community is closely related to the above resolution, yet is unique in regards to both the tangibles and intangibles. For starters, when it comes to building for the community, pay extra special attention to municipal requirements. Take Sylvan Lake for example. While you of course must abide by commercial building permits and complete the appropriate commercial development applications we encourage you to take this a step further. Have an actual in-depth conversation with the town’s key stakeholders, such as figureheads in the local Chamber of Commerce, commercial development officers, the town council, and the mayor. Express your commitment to accommodating the needs of both the governing bodies and residents of the town and you’ll be embraced for your efforts.

3. Pledge to Choose the Right Construction Process

With the first two resolutions in your pocket you must then consider which building process is best suited to accommodate your needs. Perform a comprehensive accounting of your corporation’s internal capabilities for taking on such a project in Central Alberta. Will you manage the design in-house? Will you take on the responsibility of finding local subcontractors and applicable labour? This honest accounting will help you determine whether or not you need to bring in a local area general contractor, a full-service construction project management team, and if you should consider a single-point responsibility construction method such as design-build.

4. Pledge to do Your Homework Before Choosing a Builder

Avoid rushing into your construction project without performing due diligence as it applies to the commercial builder you choose to work with. You can gauge the trustworthiness of a builder (who can supply a variety of building systems) by their openness in providing valuable and unbiased advice as to the appropriate building system for the project. In addition, analyze candidate accreditations and qualifications, local area portfolios, client referrals/testimonials, commercial specialization, and reputation for standing by their estimates. Read more on the five tips to identifying the right commercial general contractor for your Central Alberta build.

By applying the above four resolutions to your 2016 commercial construction project in the province you will have taken the necessary steps to a successful build. Contact Apple Building Systems Inc at 403-340-6777 or email us here to take the next step.

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